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Some of the guys became really angry, and told him to shut his filthy mouth, because in those days teachers were held in the highest esteem.

On one occasion, a bunch of us were standing around in the schoolyard, and as usual the subject came round to sex.

This would show her in a bad light, and since teenage boys are as bad as girls when it comes to embroidering and spreading scandalous gossip, it wouldn't take long for word to reach other teachers.

More questions would be asked, and If Mum was even suspected of interacting inappropriately with a minor, especially her son, police would be called and Mum would lose her job, or worse still have to answer the accusations in court.

It was a difficult time for Mum, being without the man she had married when she was only sixteen and heavily pregnant, and she found it hard to cope on her own.

She was becoming more despondent every day, and when I suggested that she make her three bedroom government house available for a young family, in exchange for a small easy to maintain bedsitter, she reluctantly agreed.

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