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Read on to know if Miranda Cosgrove is actually dating Lil Pump! That’s what fans are dying to know after he tweeted about wanting a sexual relationship with her earlier this year.

He also came to her defense on Twitter after it was alleged that she was arrested for prostitution! There is a lot of speculation about Miranda Cosgrove and Lil Pump’s story, and we have what you need to know!

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Until we get Miranda Cosgrove’s side of the story, we may never know.

Lil Pump, 17, recently shot to fame with the release of his latest music, but the latest news of him possibly dating the i Carly star gave him a brand new audience! Fans originally began speculating about what was going on between the two when the rapper tweeted, “I wanna f**k icarly.”Eyebrows were raised again in July, when the rapper tweeted a picture of himself holding a cake with Cosgrove’s picture on it.

The “Designer” singer captioned the photo suggesting they have sex!

To add up, she also took part in a romantic indulgence with “Paper Towns” star Nat Wolff.

Recently, rapper Lil Pump also came forward with his desire to date Miranda and confessed that he has a crush on her.

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