Mcafee epo not updating

Once an agent is deployed to a system, the system can be managed by your Mc Afee e PO server.

If remote Agent Handlers are installed in your network, agents communicate with the server through their assigned Agent Handlers.Using e Policy Orchestrator software, you can perform these network security tasks: LDAP server — Used for Policy Assignment Rules and to enable automatic user account creation. Add the SNMP server’s information so that e Policy Orchestrator knows where to send the trap.Database server — Used to extend the advanced reporting tools provided with e Policy Orchestrator software.Agent wake-up communication port Super Agent repository port: 8081 (TCP port that agents use to receive agent wake-up requests from the e PO server or Agent Handler.TCP port that the Super Agents configured as repositories that are used to receive content from the e PO server during repository replication, and to serve content to client machines) The Super Agent is an agent with the ability to contact all agents in the same subnet as the Super Agent, using the Super Agent wakeup call.

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