Marvell back dating coo

"They just don't have the cards to hurt our economy as much as we can hurt theirs.

By the way, that's been the whole premise of Trump's trade war: China has more to lose than we do."Apple, Boeing and Caterpillar are three names that have been harmed by the prolonged trade war.

Also Thursday, Rambus Inc., a maker of memory-chip technology, said that it terminated 2.74 million stock options issued to former Chief Executive Geoff Tate in 2006. 13 during an options probe, and his options would have expired by their terms on Nov. In Marvell Tech's case, four of its executives, including Chairman and Chief Executive Sehat Sutardja, repaid the company .6 million for misdated options that were exercised, according to a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Santa Clara, Calif.-based Marvell Tech, which designs chips used in hard disk-drives and Internet networking gear, corrected the prices of 8.39 million options issued from January 2001 through December 2003.

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The options impacted included 199,750 held by David Dull, general counsel; 173,132 options held by Thomas Lagatta, worldwide sales chief; and 4,649 held by Bruce Kiddoo, acting chief financial officer.26, 2003, the day the stock closed at .12 on a split-adjusted basis.The new price is the closing price of the stock on Jan. Marvell Tech also adjusted the price of 790,880 options held by Chief Financial Officer George Hervey.The company said it amended the price of 3 million options held by Sutardja, 2 million options held by Weili Dai, the chief operating officer and Sutardja's wife, and 2.64 million options held by Pantas Sutardja, chief technology officer and brother of the CEO.The original exercise price of those options was .12 a share. The company listed the recorded option grant date as Dec.

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