Mandating electronic medical records

Tickling with the EMR I’ve been electronic almost 3 years now, and have to admit, I still miss my old tickler system.What I’ve replaced it with is a bit more complicated.

Despite our best efforts we cannot and do not represent that this statute is up-to-date.

The Board recognizes that licensees will need to hone computer skills, become proficient in billing and coding, and in some cases utilize voice recognition software in order to generate EHR.

As with other areas in the evolving field of health care, it will be incumbent on providers to build these skill sets and adapt to the new standard.

Please understand that the materials on this web page are for general information purposes only, and is not intended as legal advice.

Dinosaur Doc posted awhile back about how she managed to keep track of a patient who was failing to follow through on a mammogram.

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