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I now have a trial of Malebytes Premium on the computer and it seems to get along well with Vipre.

My questions:1) Does anyone have experience using Vipre with Malwarebytes running alongside of it and2) Vipre has always done a good job (using it since the Sunbelt days), it it simply overkill to use both.

I can't say if this will solve the issue going forward and I can't say why 2 programs (only Vipre doing realtime protection) that I have run together for many years would now appear to have a problem.

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I know when Vipre installs if will ask to delete Malwarebytes first.Genetrex, I have had what seems like possibly related experience with Malwarebytes and Vipre running side by side. I had experienced my browser performance being affected, with the browser too often slowing down and coming to its knees. I had turned Web Protection on again to see if the problem was fixed in MB 3.6.1. Some websites would not download in the browser; others did just fine. I subsequently observed in the MB Forums the Malwarebytes had managed to reproduce the problem, analyze it, and created a fix via component package 1.0.508 (apparently pushed out with def updates) for affected Win 7 32 bit systems.Per perusal of the MB User Forums I found a short thread dealing with this issue. Some emails would not download in my email client; others did just fine. After checking and finding I already had component package 1.0.508 in place, I gingerly turned Web Protection back ON.After downloading a Vipre update install today I saw Vipre was not running, found the installer, re-ran it and Vipre complained about both Comodo & Malwarebyte but after a few extra clicks gave me the option to proceed.After the installation I again experienced perhaps not a full lock up but getting close.

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