Ludmila dating

The music video premiered on February 10, 2015 in Multishow channel and soon after on You Tube.

Ludmilla's voice is classified as Mid-Soprano, whose vocal extension covers 2.1 octaves.However, the disagreement between her and her manager, Roba Cena, resulted in MC Beyoncé being unable to keep her name as MC Beyoncé because her manager owned the rights to the name.Hours later she recanted and announced on Twitter that she would not quit singing, but she would quit with her manager and start a new career under a new stage name, Ludmilla, her birth name.The most important thing that I can tell you about me is that LOVE is my way of life. I believe that this is the very important magical ingredient that is needed in everything - at work, in family relationships, and even in cooking dinner)) I am honest and very conscientious, I like to cook, and to spend time there I can hear birds singing))) I live outside the city with a funny lazy dog, my life and heart are open to great love and serious relationships!!!I am ready for real meetings - if only you need a long-term relationship.

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