Label not updating

Button widget script: Single text button adding the quest, going through the same custom events, and the left is the buttons added to the Listview.

As you can see, the listview buttons refuse to have their visuals updated despite them outputting the correct text assigned to them with NO BINDING attached to the label, button, nothing. the List View does not use your widget, it creates its own dynamically. Widget text is a different color in game than in engine Event Begin Play Node Not Working?

To prevent this from happening, drug labels should be updated to ensure that patients don’t miss opportunities to benefit from new treatments or receive the safest, optimal doses.

It also contributes to the erosion of public trust in prescription drugs and the FDA approval process they represent.

In the long run, letting labels fall out of date will do a lot of damage by undermining reliance on the drug approval process, which was put in place to protect patients and safeguard public health.

As most of you have heard, the Food Drug Administration (FDA) has proposed an extension to the compliance dates for the Nutrition Facts Label regulations announced in 2016.

This means that a large number of well-accepted uses of cancer drugs that emerge over time are completely absent from drug labels.

Since many of these recommended uses are supported by strong evidence of effectiveness, patients may wind up receiving outmoded care if their physicians rely solely on labeling to guide prescribing decisions.

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