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You can’t go to a lesbian event without encountering an ex or two; if the chart were real it would connect screening.

Or, if you were lucky, you knew someone with cable who hosted a watch party in their living room.

A.”For lesbians like myself, the news brought back memories of the 2004-2009 period during which the show dominated our social lives through watch parties and endless discussions and critiques—cultural lesbian processing, as it were.

But the show’s reemergence has also highlighted a truly pathetic aspect of where lesbians stand in the cultural milieu today; .

Papi was a caricature of the “spicy Latin lover,” and Carmen’s generic tribal tattoo was based on her Mayan ancestry? also can’t get away with reducing its trans guy characters to pained outsiders or “drag kings” with mental health issues.

Race and gender were handled awkwardly; some episodes presented too many cringe-worthy moments to tolerate watching.

The most realistic plotline of , in my young eyes, was “The Chart”—Alice’s intricate map of how all the dykes in Los Angeles were connected through dating and sex.

The lesbian world can feel small in an undeniable way; despite my protests against the show’s lack of realism, the fact is I’ve dated someone who was in a relationship with one of the show’s central cast members, and am only separated from another cast member by maybe two degrees of dating.

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in glorious hair and make-up-shimmering close-up, seemingly about to give themselves up to the law in the matter of the still-mysterious death of super-nutty Jenny Schechter (Mia Kirshner).Together, you watched as familiar language rolled out of the mouths of the characters on screen; jokes about Uhauling and bed death and the incestuousness of lesbian circles were on TV for pretty much the first time.But it felt surreal to watch this glammed-up version of our lives.Queer women’s media is like a vast desert with the occasional oasis () dotting the horizon, and struggles financially in a market where investors and advertisers alike see lesbians as moneyless bumpkins who somehow exist without ever needing to buy stuff.The famed lesbian fangirl hub pivoted away from being the lone voice of queer women in Hollywood and became notorious for ‘TERF’ (anti-transgender) rants.

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