Kevin cheng and niki chow dating

6 Nov – Hong Kong actress Niki Chow recently expressed confusion over the commotion that sparked following an online comment that she may or may have not liked on social media.

As reported on On CC, a netizen recently shared that the actress, who used to date actor Kevin Cheng in the past, has liked a fan's comment online saying that Niki and Kevin are a match made in heaven and should reconcile someday.

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Kevin and Niki were also spotted wearing matching “lovers” accessories, including the same straw hat and pair of glass frames.

Niki wore her new glasses as early as April, in which she reportedly stated that she purchased the glasses in Japan; the frames were part of a collection with matching designs for couples!

At Toby Leung’s wedding in December 2011, Kevin and Niki ran into each other once again.

A photo of Kevin eating at a cafe in Hong Kong circulated last week.

Upon hearing that Kevin denied them, but did not deny the possibility of dating Grace in the future, Niki laughed and said, “That is a pretty safe answer!

As long as he’s happy.” Niki’s older sister Kathy Chow (周汶錡) is nearly seven months pregnant.

Although dating textile company heir, Eric Cheuk, for two years before breaking up last year, Niki reportedly still loved Kevin and was unable to forget him.

Each time that Niki was in Shanghai or Hengdian, she allegedly sought Kevin out.

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