Kang ji hwan dating who is pilar sanders dating now

His blood type is Type B and his zodiac sign is Pisces. He graduated from Hoseo University and finished his mandatory military program. He can also do Kendo well and he is an expert in computer.Ever since he was young, he has been interested in creating different designs and acting.Then in 2014's Big Man, he played a "good-for-nothing" orphan who is tricked into thinking that he is the long-lost eldest son of a wealthy tycoon's family, when they only want to harvest his heart for a transplant.In 2010, Kang was sued for breach of contract by his former talent agency Jambo Entertainment.Kang Ji-hwan (born Jo Tae-gyu on March 20, 1977) is a South Korean actor.He began his career in musical theatre, and has since starred in television dramas such as Be Strong, Geum-soon!When Kang refused and began entrusting his business affairs to his lawyer, S-Plus sued him for breach of contract.In 2013, the Seoul Central District Court dismissed the lawsuit and upheld the validity of the original contract; the court also ordered S-Plus to pay Kang ₩5 million in damages after the agency defamed him in the press.

Kang and Yoon Eun-hye then starred in 2011's Lie to Me, playing a hotelier and a civil servant who fake being married to each other after she tells a white lie that quickly spreads through the gossip channels.

He also wanted to be a natural actor, an actor whose acting ability comes out naturally and not a chameleon type of actor who just adopts the role and changes its color.

He wants to have his own signature brand of acting.

Kang then reunited with previous leading lady Kim Ha-neul in My Girlfriend Is an Agent, a 2009 action-romantic comedy in which their characters are former lovers and spies trying to conceal their professions from each other.

Afterwards, he played a looks-oriented architect whose eye problem magically causes him to see the homely heroine (played by Lee Ji-ah) as beautiful in The Relation of Face, Mind and Love, a "telecinema" which received a brief theatrical release and a TV run.

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