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The doctors admitted him promptly and began therapy quickly.

It is believed that his flight might have triggered the health issue.

Some of his other films include Poetic Justice, Higher Learning, Shaft, 2 Fast 2 Furious, Four Brothers and Abduction.

John Singleton’s mother recently revealed more details of the night before her son suffered a stroke that eventually led to his demise.

In a Facebook post shared last week, Ward reflected about her son’s last day before falling into a coma from which he never woke up.

In the post, which seems addressed to the late director, Ward accuses John’s girlfriend Teyvon Jones of ignoring his complaints about not feeling well and failing to offer the medical attention he needed. She also states that Singleton got into the bath with his 1-year-old son Seven, and he started to feel his body tremor to the point where he couldn’t even lift himself from the tub.“And In that moment you knew these people could not help you nor could they have the brainpower to find someone who could,” she continued.

Shelia Ward claims that her son’s girlfriend, Rayvon Jones, failed to offer the late director the medical assistance he needed. In life, the media recognized John Singleton for his achievements in the film and TV industries, and although he had seven children, he was never the object of malicious headlines or gossip blogs digging into his life.

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John is from South California and his early films all have those elements of inner-city violence.John has suffered a stroke and has been rushed to the hospital for medical care.News is that screenwriter and director John Singleton suffered a stroke and is now in hospital. Scott revealed the news of John’s ill-health on her blog on this Saturday. Scott wrote: TMZ revealed that John had a weakness in his leg and sought immediate medical attention.I don't blame them, yet I am repelled from their energy I know not to let them touch me.or surround me.” Last week, a court ruled in favor of John’s mother, Shelia Ward, and gave her control of his estimated million estate.

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