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And there's certainly no shortage of books documenting the stories and accomplishments of the Fighting Irish, though Jack Cavanaugh's is certainly among the best.In it, Cavanaugh masterfully illustrates how Notre Dame went from being a more-or-less anonymous Catholic school in rural Indiana to a national powerhouse, looking at everyone and everything from the legendary Knute Rockne, the rivalry games with Army in New York City and, of course, the impact of George "The Gipper" Gipp. This book packs a strong appeal not just to Notre Dame fanatics, but also to all people, sports fans or no, who take heart in stories about tragedy and triumph, with which Edward Krause's life was replete.In the end, , Michael Bradley takes the analysis of the sport's most celebrated rivalries to the next level, narrowing the focus from 25 to 10.

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No program has as close a connection to the history of college football than Notre Dame, and no book describes the history of the program with quite as much honesty and irreverence as Steven Delsohn's .is the perfect book for sparking lively conversation among friends and fans.Written by Stewart Mandel of Sports Illustrated, this tome serves as a bulk version of his weekly "Mailbag" column, with plenty of sass and sarcasm to boot.Thus, whether you're looking for a football biography or a piece on American history in microcosm, this book should be right up your alley.While Red Grange did much as an individual to boost the profile of football, the Notre Dame football program, perhaps more than any other, is responsible for inscribing the college game into the American psyche.

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