Is daniel radcliffe still dating rosie coker

He said fame was "very useful" in directing attention towards projects and he felt a "moral imperative" to help others. "I happened to have found this industry where people get paid stupid amounts of money. I feel almost guilty for having done so well out of Potter." Describing his passion for cricket he said: “I still love cricket. Seth Myers (comic) gave me the best definition of how to explain cricket to an American.He added: "I got paid so well for doing the Harry Potter films, it's ridiculous. “It’s like baseball with two innings per side, 10 outs and unlimited hits.” He star, who is dating production assistant Rosie Coker, also said he was looking forward to his first real holiday for, and Radcliffe has worked hard at breaking away from the iconic character and not being typecast after 10 years in the same role.

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His father was a literary agent while his mother was a casting agent, working heavily in the casting for several films for the BBC.In his latest interview, Radcliffe admitted being drunk while on the Harry Potter film sets although he does not disclose which ones.He has said that his life went off the rails for a period when he turned 18 and was filming Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince as the pressures of fame made him so dependent on alcohol. It was a problem," Radcliffe told Heat magazine this week in an interview to promote his latest film.He is currently promoting his current film, "The Woman in Black", a neo-Gothic horror movie, which opens this week, is his first post-Potter film.The eight Potter films grossed more than .7bn (£4.87 billion) worldwide at the box office and made stars of Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint.

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