Is cole sprouse dating anyone 2016

With a face no girl can resist and his famous blond swooshy hair, Cole has had his fair share of relationships (not even a little bit surprising, I mean, look at him! Here’s a brief synopsis of Cole’s dating history from his prepubescent days to now in all his glory.

playing recurring character Max, a tomboy with some killer dance moves.

Though there isn’t much info on Cole’s relationship with Erin, we do know that the pair dated for about a year, from 2007 to 2008.

Erin is a fashion designer whose designs have appeared on New York Fashion Week runways.

If his experience on Tumblr changed him, it wasn't for the better.

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The fact that he's cringing at it with the rest of us now makes up for it a little bit. Like every other negative thing that people have pointed out that he's done, his fans are there to deny it.Cole and Alyson started their relationship shortly after he ended things with Victoria.Alyson even admitted to MTV that he broke things off on her birthday!Personally, I'm not sure I could have said those lines or stood there while someone else did without cracking up at how embarrassingly unnatural it sounds. He said it was for some kind of a social experiment — according to other Tumblr users anyway, he vehemently denied it being an experiment. Your guess is as good as mine on how posting on Tumblr can be an "experiment." But, he used the account for a while, allowed people to find out that it was him, and then deleted it.I know Cole can't control what the writers put in the script, but his acting made this scene even worse. He tweeted some explanations for what exactly it was, but deleted those too because of the backlash.

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