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To "drink to the dregs" is to completely drain a cup or (metaphorically) fully involve oneself dry - (of bricks or stone) laid without mortar durstn't - dare not dwimmer-crafty - skilled in the arts of magic eaves - the fringe of a forest (from the resemblance of the overhanging forest canopy to the eaves of a house) eld - old age ell - a measure of length, usually equivalent to 45 inches or 114 cm embattled - of a fortress, having battlements embattled2 - of an army, fortified against attack (this is the dictionary definition, but in The Lord of the Rings, Tolkien's usage seems to mean simply "in battle") embrasure - beveled door or window frame cut into a wall encompass - surround ere - before errantry - journeying in search of adventure espy - catch sight of essay - attempt esteem - consider to be of worth; esteem too lightly underestimate et - a variation of "ate", common in British rural dialects etten - eaten - see "et" ewer - pitcher for water[1] eyot - a small island[1] ****** - bundle of sticks used as firewood fain gladly; disposed, desirous; fain of well-pleased with falter - waver, lose courage fane temple fare - travel, go on a journey fastness - secure fortress fawn - cringe, grovel fealty - allegiance and service to a lord feign - pretend fell - merciless, terrifying fell2 - animal's hide fell3 - moorland hill fender - a metal frame placed around a fireplace fetter - chain, shackle fey -The old senses were fated, approaching death; presaging death. figured - marked with drawings or writing firth - An inlet of the sea at a wide river estuary flagon - large jug or mug, usually used to hold wine or beer flammifer - in Latin, flammifer means "fiery", but Tolkien's usage is likely meant to suggest "flame-bearer", as a reference to the blazing Silmaril borne by Erendil.

It seems very unlikely that the later sense possessing or displaying magical, fairylike, or unearthly qualities (O. flank - the exposed side of an attacking or marching army flittermice - bats flotsam - floating wreckage; flotsam and jetsam items washed up by the sea, or a flood (also used figuratively) flummoxed - bewildered, disconcerted footpad - a thief (historically, a "footpad" was a highwayman who had no horse) forbear - hold back from forebode - foresee (especially something that is evil) forespeak - foretell, predict foreswear - swear not to do something forgo - let go, do without forlorn - abandoned, desolate forsake - desert, turn away from (the past tense is forsook) forsooth - in truth, actually fortnight - a period of two weeks fosse - a defensive trench or ditch; pit[1] founder - sink, after taking on water fraught - full (of) freshet - a stream, or (strictly) a flood of fresh water furlong - one eighth of a mile (220 yards), or about one fifth of a kilometre gaffer - a word meaning both "old man" and "foreman"* its use as the nickname of Hamfast Gamgee is probably mean to combine both meanings.

Here, I have provided you a list of cool Xbox Gamertags.

ungentle - rough, coarse unquiet - anxious, concerned unsated - unsatisfied unsullied - pure, uncorrupted upbraid - criticise upheave - push or force upwards vale - the valley of a river varmint - pest, bothersome person or animal vassal - servant, bondsman vie - struggle with, be rival to vigil - watchfulness; hold vigil make devotion viol - an old instrument, usually with six strings, similar to a violin but held in a vertical position like a 'cello waif - homeless person wain - wagon; The Wain the constellation of the Plough or Big Dipper wan - pale wards - the "teeth" of a key ware - old form of aware waver - shimmer, flicker waver2 - show indecision wax - grow stronger; increase waylay - intercept, prevent from going forward wayward - uncontrollable, unpredictable web(s) - woven fabric wellnigh - almost, very nearly weregild - a payment in compensation for a death (literally "man-money") wheedle - coax, persuade whelm - engulf, cover whence - from where whereat - for which reason wherefore - for what (or which) reason whet - sharpen whickering - The verb whicker meant to laugh or titter, or of a horse to whinny, but the O. In the 1962 version of The Man in the Moon the word flickering occurs in this verse.

whitethorn - hawthorn whither - to which place wildered - perplexed, bewildered wile - trick, deceit wizened - of shriveled appearance wold - an upland region of moorland wont - customarily, regularly; wont to err thus regularly make mistakes of this kind worrit - worry worst - defeat wrack - devastation, downfall, ruin, (compare with rack and ruin)[1] wrack2 - clouds being driven by a strong wind?

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profound - deep prosy - dull, contented with the commonplace provender - food puissant - powerful[1] purloin - steal raiment - clothing rearguard - that part of an army set to cover its rear ranks, especially in retreat recked - troubled, cared rede - counsel, advice; plan; redes counsels redound - contribute to, advance redress - setting right reft - past tense of the old word reave, to take by force rent - past tense of rend, to tear or split repair - make one's way, go[1] respite - relief, calm interval revelry - merrymaking rick - a stack, especially of hay rill - a small stream rondured - (in golden-rondured).

Rondure "circle, rounded form"; rondured is not recorded.

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