Intercultural dating

This past weekend I was asked to do two workshops at the first annual Rutgers University Sex, Love, and Dating Conference.I provided two workshops, one on negotiating our multiple sexual identities and the other on intercultural dating and relationships.I had been told that students ranked their top choices of workshop sessions for each track and then were told where to go based on availability.So before I started that session I shared that if they wanted to go to another session they could do that.I shared that even I continue to struggle with how to define certain terms and how they may apply to my own life and experiences.

I was not able to complete all of the items I had outlined, but students said they were drawn to some of the topics I did share in the conference description.

For example, we were speaking specifically about fetishizing people of Color or racially White people or people from a particular ethnic group.

We were not talking about fetish as connected to certain kinks.

Many of my assumptions about the student population were also challenged.

I thought there would be a lot of racially White students who may have questions about dating interracially.

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