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Pharaoh, it goes like this: you feel the steel cage is impregnable, confining, safe!! Flair switches position with his challenger and unleashes a vicious knife-edge chop across the chest! the former champ with a well-placed elbow, catches Flair in the bread basket!! The Pharaoh clotheslined him, and he had nowhere to go!! The app allowed users to ‘match’ with others they found attractive, and to build a relationship through messaging.The minimum age to use the app was 13, with 13-17 year old restricted to interacting with only their age group. He's so consumed with beating Flair, so angry at being "cheated" out of the Title, that he's not thinking straight! For all you crybabies and whiners out there, especially you, Pharaoh, let me tell you how it is: you are about to lay eyes on the REAL HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD!!! And that might even have a chance of coming to pass... as the Black Scorpion, a man who many believed was none other than YOU, was revealed to be Arn Anderson! Is it any wonder the former champion requested this to be a cage match? And if the Pharaoh thinks he's got what it takes to climb to the top of the mountain once more... Long after the pyramids crumble to dust, as they have for thousands of years... You feel right at home, because you feel it's just like a tomb, a place where you can ascend to the next plane as KING once more, to emerge from your pyramid as the son of a god, RESPLENDENT IN GLORY!! Of course, if fans at home recall, after winning a number one contender's spot you proceeded to dethrone the former champion at World War 3 with the help of an unlikely ally... Horsemen somehow in cahoots with Paul E.'s Dangerous Alliance!

Therefore, teenagers have to lie about their age in order to use the app, which exposes them to adults who are looking for relationships with other adults. And look at the welts he's leaving on the Pharaoh's chest!! In 2019, online relationships are totally commonplace.Of course, nothing is impossible, and online relationships can be extremely rewarding when you’re a teenager.An Oceana student who’s chosen to remain anonymous has been in a successful online relationship for 3 months.

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