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It’s better to have an experienced driver navigate and take you to the Inland Sea, and if you’re not used to driving on the dunes then you shouldn’t drive.But it’s definitely worth it, the beach is really scenic and very clean.

Wakrah also has a designated family area, and will not allow people who aren’t with their families to enter.You’ll have to bring your own supplies with you from Doha as there aren’t many stores or eating joints close by.But it’s great to just relax, tan, go for a swim, and then come back to hot fresh off the grill barbecue.This beach is also located close to many stores and restaurants so it’s easy to pick up supplies on the way. Photo credit: Stewart Lacey Inland Sea (Khor Al Adaid) via Sealine (Map)Inland Sea is a great spot for fishing and camping, especially during the winter season. The Inland Sea is actually located near the Qatar-Saudi border.However to get to the Inland Sea, you have to drive through some sand dunes.

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