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This makes your cam viewable to as many of your customers as possible.

The Surf Guru camera interface is compatible with all major browsers.

The static image displayed in the interface is automatically updated every 15 minutes and overlayed with the date, time, and/or a message explaining why if the camera is offline.

The interface will also determine if your customer is using a mobile device, tablet, or desktop computer and display the stream in the necessary format.

With "Queue Control" functionality, multiple cam users can "wait" in line for their turn to control the camera. Our anti-hijacking security means others can't take your web cam and place it on their website for free.

It also means you control where the camera can look and makes sure non-authorized users can not control the camera or overpower other users.

You should choose a host that provides unlimited space and traffic to support your live webcast.

Many of these hosts also offer website building and technical support.

Application's for our cams include beach views and restaurants, hotels, or tourist destinations to help market your web site and show your business location!The main ideas for Yawcam are to keep it simple and easy to use but to include all the usual features.Do you have a marketing idea or just want to share your views live on your own website?Starting your own live webcam website may seem complicated, but you don't need to be a computer guru or have a degree in computer science to get your site off the ground.With a quality webcam, a microphone and a domain, you can start your own live webcam website. There are a number of Web hosting providers available online, with varying costs and features.

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