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He has even directed a commercial for Dior Addict Fragrance as well as music videos for well-known singers like Rihanna and Gucci Mane.Korine is also an actor who has appeared in movies like Kids, Gummo, Stoker, etc.

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While this is not what happens with all of our youth, it does paint a beautiful picture of just a handful.

Korine studied at Hillsboro High School and moved to New York where he studied Business Administration in college.

Some source also claims that he attended Dramatic writing at Tisch School of Arts at New York University for one semester but dropped out to pursue a career as a professional skateboarder.

This is not just a story about NYC, it is a message for every city. In the wealthy, poor, and everything in-between, our children are experimenting without any form of education or realization of their actions.

This is not a film that will leave a very good taste in your mouth, but then again it isn't supposed to.

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