Guys guide to dating a geek girl Sex dating nude self pics

and besides, guys are guys regardless of whether they’re into fantasy football or Final Fantasy) or that they’ll treat you better than the usual Alpha Male types you’re used to (being a geek doesn’t mean you can’t also be a jerk). Geeks spend a lot of time lost in their own heads, which allows for the development of a rich imagination and a shocking level of creativity.They’ll surprise you with their insight; they have a way of looking at things from an unexpected angle. Geeks tend to be more sexually adventurous than most and are up for trying new things. Last Monday, I mentioned (to some small controversy) that attractive women can be intimidating to guys.As much as guys like to toss around the idea that women can get a date – or laid – without effort, if it were true, every single woman’s magazine out there wouldn’t be plastered with advice on how to catch, keep and please a man.When you’re a woman who’s into geek guys (or just a little geek-curious) the difficulties grow exponentially. Take it from a dyed-in-the-wool geek who’s seen and done just about every variation of the nerdy meet-cute you can come up with.

You’ll find that if you purposefully act the way you did when you COULDN’T attract women you wanted,they will quickly lose interest.You won’t be the guy (see: loser) with the shoulder to cry on.You will learn how to break out from the herd of guys who want the same woman you want.While studying computer science in college, I read about fifty books and listened to more audio courses than I care to remember on what exactly it takes to attract women.I attacked this subject with every ounce of my being until I got it right and felt comfortable around women. I spent the next three years implementing what I had read, often painfully learning the hard way what did not work to attract beautiful women.

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