Guys advice for girls on dating

If he’s leading you on or acting like you’re dating but unwilling to commit, you only affirm that it’s okay if you just go along with it and that doesn’t make the problem any better. But if it’s the other way around and you can’t give him a straight answer, if you’re playing games or unwilling to be honest, don’t be surprised if you get dropped.Eye contact shows respect, interest, confidence, and intentionality.Walk the walk in your private life and in your public life.Don’t change your morals, values, or boundaries just to impress him or keep him around.

She especially loves to keep it real by speaking openly into real-life struggles and offer encouragement through storytelling because she believes that our stories are the most unifying thing we have.And it IS possible to date with Godliness and intentionality in a culture that says you can’t. If you’re looking for a resource, check out our dating devotional series, Navi Dating!There’s a guy’s study booklet and a girl’s study booklet so that you can go through them with your boyfriend or on your own!Maybe you want a solid, godly relationship but you’re feeling a little discouraged.The dating culture is just so crazy and it seems like all the good ones are taken!

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