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Derek Consider yourself VERY fortunate to have the opportunity to relocate to Monterey.If I were able to do so, I'd move there in a heartbeat! I worked in Monterey and commuted from Salinas for several years before landing a good spot in Monterey.Santa Cruz would be more like an hour, especially during rush hour.I think you are overreacting and worried about nothing really.

Seaside and Marina are definately a far second best from living in Monterey, PG and Carmel.

So you'll have to look a bit more because of that and it may require checking Marina & Seaside as well.

Just have some places in mind to visit when you come out and really check out the neighborhoods to see where you feel most comfortable.

Santa Cruz also lovely, is more than 20 minutes away, and is a far busy-er place in general.

There is no place within 20 minutes of Monterey better for you to live than Monterey itself.

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