Friends email to email contact dating

In case you think the victim is too lazy to work for a contest, tell him that a recent survey that he filled has entitled him to some reward or gift.

Ask him to collect the prize, which is waiting for him at the reception.

You should also keep in mind that while playing a prank can be fun, you should not overdo it, nor let it go on indefinitely.

However, make sure you don't carry on the prank for too long, as the victim might really believe it and resign from his old job.This is a prank that can only be successful if you have access to a colleague's computer.If you notice that a colleague has left his workstation without locking his computer, quickly open the email program on the computer, and change the signature from their name and designation to something embarrassing.Now, the key to making this prank successful lies in making the competition seem real, and avoid sounding like spam.Try and pick a contest which you think would interest the victim.

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