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There were no bite or burn marks, for example, to help substantiate ZZ5's story.

The prosecution argued that Jovanovic was an accomplished sadist who knew how to avoid leaving marks.

Untethered from the usual social restraints, Internet chat-room devotees of all genders, ages, races and sexual proclivities or hang-ups give free rein to their disinhibited ids, getting in touch with their inner deviants.

A Freudian analyst's dream, they are the electronic talk therapy patients. They are also part personal ad interviewers and interviewees, part seducers and part religious.confesees.

Jovanovic--espite the DAs admission that "we don't know what else this man may be guilty of" --received a far stiffer sentence than that given many murderers."CAN YOU TOP THIS"A strict deconstruction of the email shows it to be a post-modern courtship. Are you familiar with the rituals and invocations associated with Pan?

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They also continued their "fascinating" discussion of other topics from e-mail: dismemberment, Jeffrey Dahmer, sci-fi creatures devouring each other during intercourse, good and evil, the danger of contracting AIDS and other diseases from unprotected sex, schizophrenia, self-defense, and more.

It has turned the expression of traditional romantic love into its opposite, converting potential lovers into rival Scheherazades, each trying to top the other with the most sordid and shocking images or ideas. The two proceeded to discuss their prior experience in RPGs (computer role-playing games), their parents, educational backgrounds, and career aspirations (hers to be a lawyer, his to get his doctorate). ZZ5 laments her lack of morals, her prior "girly"-ness, her "fickelly obsessive" tendencies in relationships.

The first Instant Message between ZZ5 and Gray begins innocuously. Minutes later she confided her first sexual fantasy, along with her interest in "violence and chaos," her yearning to make a snuff film--a genre that ends in an actual death--and her interest in creating an army so as to make war on New York streets. Gray alludes rhetorically to his stupidity, his average, non-glamorous height, his "strange and dark" appearance and occasional resemblance to "a serial killer."Initially their cyber-correspondence was sporadic.

Legal maneuvering stripped the victim's e-mail of its many references to her interest and participation in bondage and domination experiences, experiences that in themselves commonly turn gender roles upside down.

The unexpurgated e-mail, however, is not only key to the case, it is a great prism for viewing the new havoc in relationships playing out on-line.

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