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If the back of your phone is getting hot, the problem may be an overheating battery.Most modern mobile phones use Li-Ion (lithium-ion) batteries that, despite their size, pack a powerful punch.Here’s what to do: Really, you just need to give the phone time to cool.With the safety mechanisms in place, your phone should shut down and stop you using it before the sun is likely to do any real damage, unless you’re in the Sahara desert or somewhere equally ridiculous.While most of the times your phone feels hot, it’s just the CPU working hard, this doesn’t mean you should take chances.

But if there’s any appearance of swelling or the phone starts to feel like a hot plate, don’t take any chances.If the battery appears to be swelling, cracks are appearing around the edge of the device, or your phone is getting incredibly hot, then there could be a fault with the lithium-ion battery, which has the possibility to catch fire or explode.In short, if you notice a swollen battery: Swollen batteries are pretty rare, but they do happen.So how can you pinpoint what’s causing the problem?While not an exact science, you can make an educated guess about why your i Phone or Android phone is heating up based on where the heat is coming from.

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