Forte agent slow updating groups

But too many scripts running for a given user or computer, or scripts that hang or are no longer really in use, can add to startup and logon times.

Frequently, people don’t recognize the number of scripts that are present.

The default foreground processing mode for Windows clients since Windows XP has been asynchronous.

Asynchronous GP processing does not prevent the user from using their desktop while GP processing completes.

Foreground processing can operate under two different modes—synchronously or asynchronously.

For example, when the computer is starting up, GP asynchronous processing starts to occur for the computer, and in the meantime, the user is presented the Windows logon prompt.

Likewise, for asynchronous user processing, the user logs on and is presented with their desktop while GP finishes processing.

This post will guide you through some of the ways Group Policy can impact performance as well as some of the improvements we made for Windows 8.

Foreground and background processing are key concepts in Group Policy.

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