Fake passport dating scam

As soon we the scam is completed, the scammer creates a new fictitious persona with a new date of birth, new story, and new address.

The only thing that is left the same is the name of the money receiver.

“Many banking and financial institutions only require two pieces of identification to create an account which seems wildly insufficient in light of this research.” Bischoff explains that there’s a loophole in marketing schemes that makes them susceptible to bank drops—a dark web term that refers to using bank accounts with stolen or fraudulent credentials for money laundering.

“Banks, payment companies, and cryptocurrency exchanges that offer signup rewards—a cash bonus, for example—don’t take additional steps to verify someone’s identity are prime targets for bank drop fraud.”A US State Department spokesperson tells Quartz that they’re monitoring all types of passport and visa fraud.

HOW TO ORDER: How can I check if a travel agency is real?

If you suspect a passport scam, contact the appropriate government officials.

You should also commit to keeping your passport secure when you travel.

A passport scan is a digital picture of the ID page showing the bearer’s personal details and the passport’s unique nine-digit identifier.

Fraudsters use them for opening bank accounts under a false identity.

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