Enterprise library modified date and time not updating

I’m not going to go into how those regional/personal settings work but I will provide you a link to where Gregory Zelfond, gives a nice explanation: Setting proper Share Point Time Zone for users.

The first manipulation I made was to adjust the date field to the time zone of the “server”, when I say server I mean whatever regional setting is in effect for that “page”.

For this solution, we’re going to need to make two REST calls the first will be to get the regional time zone of the web we’re working in.Hope this can help a few people out there struggling with date/times in Share Point client side solutions. Then join me for Share Point Conference North America May 21-23, 2019 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.If you use my code, TURNER, you’ll also get off the registration fee.Share Point stores all its date/time fields in UTC time.The site collections, sites, and the users, can have their own time zone settings.

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