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Carrascosa attracted investors and agents from both Spain and abroad to an otherwise not exceptionally lively Barcelona Meeting Point.

The reason, as Spanish business school IESE’s professor José Luis Suárez put it, was that “the bad bank is going to be Spain’s largest real estate investor in history”.

In the first experiment, 42 students who were in a committed relationship that was at least a month old performed a visual discrimination task where their attention was subtly manipulated by the researchers in one group, and not manipulated in a control group.“It was created with the aim of liquidating assets in an orderly way,” he says.“It does not have the vocation of a property company.” The market conditions in which SAREB will have to operate will be the most challenging faced by Spain’s real estate sector in the past decade.Group page DISCLAIMER: FREECYCLE NETWORK MEMBERS USE THE LIST AT THEIR OWN RISK.Otherwise, go to the Yahoo Group linked to below and click on "Join" first in order to view the posts.

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