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Katy Perry, Jenna Dewan, and  Christina El Moussa have all dramatically changed their hairstyles post-split.

But now, You Tube personality Gabbie Hanna is taking part in the “new look, new me” movement — with a twist." data-reactid="22"At this point, most people have heard of a post-breakup makeover — otherwise known as a “breakover” — which consists of a person changing up their look after getting out of a serious relationship.

#selflove." 's culture guy, has two sons named Jason and Chris.

We’re much better off as friends, anyway.”Yahoo Lifestyle, are just a part of the more important transformation on the inside." data-reactid="27"She also mentioned that she’s become more positive and hopeful throughout the process of learning to love herself.He captioned the snap: "I guess Amurica's birthday's our anniversary, babe", prompting fans to ask whether the duo are dating.However, days after his post, Van Ness shared that the entire thing was a prank.Many people consider copywriting one of the most financially lucrative skills you can possess. While I’ve never been much of a poet, nor a scribe of lengthy love letters filled with purple prose, I can attest to the power of the written word in matters of the heart, since that’s how I convinced my wife-to-be that I wasn’t a loser.I first saw her across a crowded bar at our law firm retreat in the Texas Hill Country.

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