Dating your quilt

So if you’re going to be quilting with bargain flannel, know what you’re in for. Here’s why: After you make it home with your brand-new flannel, you’ll definitely want to pre-wash it. Because flannel is a thicker, softer fabric, quilting with flannel is kind of hard on your hardware.

Low-qual flannel usually has a pretty low thread-count. Use very mild detergent, and crank up your water temp so you can get all that shrinking out of the way before you start quilting with flannel. Tip – If you want, add a large bath towel into the dryer to keep the yardage from twisting and accumulating unwanted wrinkles. Since flannel is really stretchy, ironing can stretch out the fabric a little too much. Use sharp scissors, or a larger blade rotary cutter (2-inch diameter) when cutting.

A simple fix is to clean out the bobbin, and also around the needle after you are finished with your flannel project.​ I really like using this compressed gas duster for the small back corners. That’s the end of your “Quilting With Flannel PSA.” Will there be a second date? Share your experiences (and any other tips you have) in the comment section below! Check out the Quilting 101 tab for everything you need to know to start your first quilt!

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While quilts may remind you of sleeping at your grandmother's or bucolic summers spent horseback riding and playing in the barn, "they're anything but dated," Anne Hepfer of Anne Hepfer Designs tells In fact, the fall season is the perfect time to bring your heirloom quilt out of storage.

Still, it can be hard to mix a beloved, vintage quilt into your space without it beginning to look, well, old-fashioned.

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(I’m thinking custom labels would also make a great gift!

I should add the them to the Gifts for Quilters list.)Whether you make your own or get some custom labels, here is an easy method for sewing a quilt label to your quilt.

Give the label a little spritz of starch to make it nice and crisp.

"I love to mix eclectic ethnic prints – think Indian or Susani.

John Robshaw features incredible patterns that would mix beautifully with a vintage piece." 2. "Using color coordinated geometric patterns in modern bedrooms is one way to add interest without feeling too old-fashioned," Chaus advises. Turn your quilt into an unexpected statement piece.

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