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Second, the construction is a classic Goyser hand-welted stitch (where the welt is outside of the uppers rather than between the uppers and sole as seen in traditional hand-welted shoes). I point out these 2 details because Laszlo Vass, one of the finest modern makers of shoes today still performs these same exact touches on many of their models.

Vintage French Helstern & Sons bespoke Budapesters, circa 1940.

possibly in response to England's feeling very strong and tough after the allied victory in World War II) showcased extremes in terms of sole thickness (often TRIPLE soled) and welt width.

1949 George Webb "Masculines" Shoe Advertisement a pair of Super-Sized Plain Toe Derbies from the mid to late 1940's.

The citizens themselves were often left with shoes that were much too large for them.

In Canada (which isn't really known as a shoemaking capitol today, but was once home to some Fabulous Makers), some incredible examples sprung up. The first incarnation of the most common version of the Longwing Gunboat was introduced by Florsheim in approximately 1959. This shoe may well have been a hand-welted model (I cannot be sure, as I have never actually handled a pair) because at the time of its introduction, Florsheim still had a large focus on remaining the highest quality shoemaker in the U. As soon as they realized they had winner on their hands, Florsheim made a few minor adjustments to the model including switching to a 100% Goodyear Construction (machine welted). When we think about Gunboat Shoes, this is the maker and model we all immediately bring to mind. In short, the initial public reaction to The Viking was EXTREMELY positive.The thick soles help absorb the pounding the foot can take from walking on those cobblestones and the generous toebox leaves plenty of room for the toes (a fitting toebox can lead to toe rubbing and painful blisters). as I always do, I have consulted with some fellow shoe addicts for this section.From the sideview, these shoes have such a rough and tough appearance. There is some debate as to whether a TRUE Budapester need be merely a thick soled, high toe-boxed derby shoe OR whether it must be a Full-Brogue as well (punch-holed wingtip).

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