Dating someone in a motorcycle club

There are clubs centered around professions, like policemen, firemen, and iron workers.

Some clubs are auxiliaries of local labor union chapters.

Most guys join motorcycle clubs because the club offers reputation.

If a club has a well-established reputation, be it good or bad, that reputation will rub off on them when they wear the club's colors.

Keep in mind that there are also "riding clubs", as opposed to "motorcycle clubs".

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A motorcycle group can range as clubbed groups of different bikes or bikers who own same model of vehicle like the Harley Owners Group.

They might have wives and kids, but their kids are grown up, and romance is no longer that big burning flame that it once was.

Instead of cheating of their wives, they find that a motorcycle club gives them something to look forward to.

There are also specific clubs for women, such as Women's International Motorcycle Association, and clubs for lesbians and gays, such as Dykes on Bikes.

Clubs catering for those interested in vintage machines such as the Vintage Motor Cycle Club are also popular as well as those centered on particular venues.

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