Dating phycho

” she sang, bursting into the office like a candy-scented typhoon of sunshine. He was surprised, confused, and more than a little bit terrified. But, instead of superheated water, she was full of superheated rage. ” Cherith’s voice rose to a window-shattering shriek. How about later we can…” Cherith exploded like a furious geyser. “Cherith,” Wade tried again, “Please.” “After everything I’ve done for you, how can you say that your stupid lunch meeting is more important than me? “Oh, hey, Wade,” I said, maneuvering to keep from spilling my bourbon. Let’s take a look at how things turned out between her and Wade, shall we? “She’s still a screamer.” Cherith returned, craning her neck over her shoulder. Well, she kept screaming, but for different reasons.” “I get the impression,” I said to Wade, “that she screams a lot.” “On the dining room table. Literally everyone in the office stared at her, then at Wade, then back at her. ” Cherith screamed and shot her middle finger at Suze, the receptionist, as she passed. Once I managed to get her to stop screaming, that is. “She’s a screamer.” “So, how much of that is actually the good kind of screaming?

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In short, it’s an extremely effective form of Mind Control.

A strip of condoms that had been in the basket landed in the puddling minestrone. ” she yelled, turning on her heel and storming back out. “Wade,” said Kent, his boss, “I need to see you in my office.” “The makeup sex was even hotter than the soup. Black with a white racing stripe.” He shot a finger gun at me.

Containers of scalding soup flew out and exploded all over the desk, the computer, and Wade’s clean white shirt.

“Gee, Cheri, that’s really sweet of you, but …” Cherith’s smile turned into a scowl.

” Wade started to ask how she knew what time he ate lunch, but thought better of it. People were starting to peek out of office doors and over the tops of cubicles now.

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