Dating old shotgun houses

Of course we all know that a shotgun is not made in a day or even a week. Your gun was made using the technology and metallurgy of the times and designed for the ammunition in use at the time which was 2 1/2 inch shotshells loaded with either black powder or maybe, just maybe early low pressure smokeless powder and lead shot. 2 9/16 or 2 3/4 inch shells loaded with higher pressure smokeless powder and certainly not 3 inch magnuums loaded with high pressure smokeless powder, steel shot or solid slugs.

Subtract those numbers and it comes to a total of 28,000 shotguns of this type were made in 1909.

Folsom claimed in their catalogs that they made the guns. Folsom located in New York City had no manufacturing facilities.

All the guns were made in the Crescent factory located in Norwich, CT.

Your gun is technically what is known or called a "Trade Brand Name" shotgun.

That is a shotgun made by a major maker (and between 18) for and was sold by a wholesale sporting goods dealer, a retail chain store or an independent seller (your local hardware store) who chose the name to go on the gun.

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