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And yeah, they'll make you rage."Just over two years ago I met a guy at a party. After I confronted him a number of times, asking him to leave me alone, he finally got it and hasn’t bothered me in months.""This one dude managed to get my number when I was drunk. I went on a date with him, and he spent a good portion of the date complaining about how single he was, and how he couldn’t understand why girls didn’t want to date him.

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Maybe, but isn’t there something noble about a man who can wade through the bullshit and tell her that he likes spending time with her?

Calculating when and what to text a girl, and hiding how you really feel just to keep her around seems like a recipe for long-term disaster.

A lot of guys have done it both ways and it seems like playing the role of an emotionally comatose man is precisely what keeps her around.

Is there no appreciation by any women in our generation for a real Casanova?

Moreover, something feels disingenuous about pretending not to be interested or gaming a girl into liking you.

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