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Millie is a croupier at the Caligula's Palace casino in Las Venturas.

Carl Johnson and Woozie, owners of The Four Dragons Casino, plan to hold a heist of Caligula's in response for the Mafia ownership of Caligula's trying to squeeze The Four Dragons out of business.

You can see which day it is by pushing [Tab] for the PC, for the PS2 or for the XBOX.

Of course you can see most of the vehicles driving through the streets or parked somewhere else.

If the vehicle doesn't spawn, you have to walk away and come back and the vehicle might have spawned. Sometimes an alarm will be activated when entering a car, as long as the alarm sounds you have a higher risk of getting a wanted level.

If he does that, Woozie will call him, saying that he can now access Millie's house and get the keycard.

Killing Millie is significantly faster than dating her, and it doesn't prevent the player from gaining 100% completion, as dating girlfriends do not count towards 100% completion. Millie likes restaurants; fortunately there's a restaurant not too far southwest of her house.

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