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The redesigned SAT is rated over 1600 points instead of 2400. The old SAT would cause every wrong miscalculation to lose 0.25 points. From the first day the changes were announced, we started working as a SAT course and we prepared all our SAT Course materials according to the needs of the students.With our experienced and qualified SAT teachers, we offer an efficient and effective SAT Course service to achieve the targeted success.The knowledge that students learn in the classroom, including the skills they use outside the classroom (including vocabulary and math skills) are tested.

Upgrade your SAT Score in a very short time with these instructors. SAT US HISTORY SUBJECT TEST COURSESShow your achievements and knowledge to colleges by taking the US History Subject Test.If you perform well in these courses, you can take this test to give you the opportunity to highlight your skills and showcase your high level of math interest.The exam contains 50 multiple-choice questions that you must answer within 60 minutes.SAT BIOLOGY SUBJECT TEST COURSESSAT Subject Test is divided into Biological Ecology (Biology E) and Biology Molecular (Biology M). The University is a great way to improve your application and come forward in the admission process.Taking this Subject Test can help you tell colleges that you are interested in focusing on science. Questions related to the US History Subject Test may be presented in separate articles or in the form of clusters based on quotations, maps, pictures, graphs or tables.

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