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These beautifully landscaped gardens feature 70 acres of abundant plant life and are located just a few kilometres west of the city.The last remaining heir of the estate, Ambrose Congreve, became internationally recognised for his work on the gardens. So let's settle the facts and prove once and for all where the real magic of Ireland lies... Lismore Castle's prized location on the River Blackwater ensured its prominence and importance for centuries – and it remains impressively intact to this day, looking awesome from every angle. The treasures Waterford has to offer are regularly overlooked by people up in the capital – but a spirited reaction to the recession has given the city and county a new lease of life, and now seems like the perfect time for a spot of boasting.Photo credit A phrase that will give a Déise person away anywhere in the land.Waterford was slow to take up draught pints and many preferred the option of the large bottle well into the 80s.Its unspoiled shores provide incredible scenery and numerous brilliant places to go for a swim or a picnic.

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Grab a coffee overlooking the bustling bodies below and feast on some quality literature for a few hours. If only property developers were treated as well as they are now back then... Nowadays it functions as a working road bridge near the town of Cappoquin. Waterford Castle resort and golf course occupy this 420-acre island downstream.Travel between Waterford and southern Wexford can be conveniently made by taking the Passage East-Ballyhack car ferry.Pop out of the car, stretch your legs and take a gawk at the steep wooded valleys rolling down into the wide estuary.Whether it's hovering impatiently for an Aircoach on O' Connell Street or having to conquer that improbably long loop to get to your gate, flying from Dublin just has a knack for being irksome.Waterford folk can trade that for a ten minute traffic-free journey and a departures queue that disappears before you knew it existed.

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