Dating in the dark reunion

(Not a kind move, dude.) Essentially, Kamil was never 100 percent in on the relationship, and Annaliese was very much totally in.

So also she saw no issues when Kamil didn't want to propose at the end, but instead wanted to try dating in the real world. "I know that he wants to marry me."Cut to the reunion show, where Kamil broke up with a blind-sided Annaliese in front of the studio audience, her fellow contestants, and host Chris Harrison.

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But it sounds like she has a clear idea of what she's looking for, and who won't cut it.

Lauryn Kent, popularly known as Lala Kent is a famous reality television personality and a businesswoman.

She rose to prominence after her appearance in the series Vanderpump Rules. She has green eyes and her hair color is dark brown.

Fortunately, Annaliese has now had time to process everything and she's ready to try the process again on the show. News that she and Kamil eventually talked in private, and she came to the conclusion that he really the guy for her.

"We had a couple of conversations after the breakup and I felt like it just became really clear that I was looking for something different at that time in my life," she said.

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