Dating in cambridge

I'm a gamer but I just put in my bio "Ask for Steam or PSN", no takers so far :/I'm 27/M in Cambridge I've managed to meet some people like that (or at least the M4F equivalent and as yet only platonic) but I know what you mean about being few & far between.I've been getting quite frustrated with it after starting again recently. Been meaning to try the Heffers games nights for a while and meetup sounds 31M Ph D/scientist/nerdy/boardgames/etc if anyones wants to chat.They are not better or worse people, they’re just not the kind of people I connect with. You'd think Cambridge would be full of that sort of folk, but they all seem to be in relationships.Usually (and that’s a big ) I get along with graduates, gamers, healthy, funny people who don’t take themselves too seriously. In case it’s useful, I’m a 28 y/o female working in fintech. I've just been trying Hinge but I've yet to actually go on a date with anyone yet, so I can say for sure how good it'll be.So, how can Elite Singles kickstart your love life in one UK's cultural gems?Cambridge has one of the UK’s highest proportions of people in professional jobs: 32.6% compared to the national average of 23.5%.

Alternatively you could try Board Game Night with the 20s Hot Spot, although I wouldn't necessarily go into it with the expectation of meeting someone.

The 20s Hot Spot does coffee evenings every Wednesday.

The Thirsties do walks on Sundays and loads of social meets.

But maybe you'll see someone who catches your eye.

Already seen meetup suggested and it's definitely a good way of meeting lots of new people.

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