Dating in archaeology challenges to biblical credibility

These show scenes from Sancheriv's military campaigns from the 8th century BCE, including graphic depictions of destroyed enemies (decapitations, impalings, etc.). But one element is missing from these inscriptions: There are no dead Assyrians!

That is consistent with the ancient "historical" style -- negative events, failures and flaws are not depicted at all.

Abraham is dated to the 18th century BCE, while the Exodus story is generally dated to the 13th century BCE -- 800 years before Herodotus.

This does not mean that early civilizations did not record events.

” In a recent article in , Crewe and Ian Hill use evidence from the brewery to reexamine Cypriot Bronze Age tomb imagery involving beer production and other depictions of celebrations, community cohesion and social transitions.

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This field season, Heritage and Archaeological Research Practice (HARP) ran a field school for experimental archaeology to recreate the kiln and test the brewery theory.

In the subjective field of Biblical Archaeology, anyone making a definitive statement like "archaeology has proven..." has probably chosen to take sides and is not presenting the whole picture.

When Los Angeles Times reporter Teresa Watanabe writes that "the rabbi was merely telling his flock what scholars have known for more than a decade" (emphasis added), she is revealing her anti-Biblical bias.

The free e Book Life in the Ancient World guides you through craft centers in ancient Jerusalem, family structure across Israel and articles on ancient practices—from dining to makeup—across the Mediterranean world. C.: “The reason for confronting the Lydian cavalry with camels was the instinctive fear which they inspire in horses. This is the fact upon which the stratagem was based, and its object was to render useless Croesus’ cavalry, the very arm in which the Lydians expected to distinguish themselves.

Using such perfectly adapted creatures, desert peoples carried out lucrative trade in frankincense, myrrh, saffron and cinnamon—a commerce completely dependent on camel caravans traveling through Arabia to the Mediterranean coast. The ruse succeeded, for when the battle began, the horses turned tail the moment they smelt and saw the camels—and Croesus’ chief ground of confidence was cut from under him” ( Erez Ben-Yosef and Lidar Sapir-Hen examined evidence from copper production sites in the southern Levant. or later, corresponding with changes in smelting practices.

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