Dating gibson humbucking pickups

With the configuration of the humbucker pickup, you will be able to see a single bar magnet that is located under the two coils; this setup will give users a sound that is less dirty and gritty sounding (in comparison to the P90).Humbucker pickups also provide users with an incredibly powerful overdrive, but at the same time, also can deliver loud, clean tones.Generally speaking, a humbucker pickup is going to provide you with more versatility across a large selection of genres.Seymour Duncan is famous for producing some of the best pickups that are available on the market today.You will be able to find Seymour Duncan pickups on guitars across Fender, Ibanez, Gibson, and other famous guitar brands!The Seymour Duncan Phat Cat P90 uses the Alnico II magnets, which provide this P90 pickup with an increase sustain, as well as a softer attack.

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In terms of durability, you’re going to find that the Phat Cat P90 has a durable metal cover that provides increased noise reduction and even more shielding, which gives the pickup a cleaner, smooth sound.But, how does a humbucker pickup solve all of the problems that come with a single-coil pickup?By using two coils that produce a signal instead of just relying on one coil to do all of the work!A lot of famous guitars, like the Les Paul (humbucker pickup) or the Strat (single-coil) depend upon these two types of pickups to produce their sound.However, the P90 pickup is a pickup that’s often forgotten in the guitar market and without good reason.

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