Dating from okcupid

Some sample prices in the ballpark of what you can expect: Basic A-List: .95/month for 1 month .95/month for 3 months .95/month for 6 months Premium A-List: .90/month per 1 month .90/month per 3 months .90/month per 6 months 1. See a full list of everyone who has already liked you 5.You can visit profiles invisibly AND see your visitor’s list at the same time 6.

Whereas both sites can be used by people with all kinds of sexual orientations, OKCupid has over 32 million users from all kinds of backgrounds while Po F has 3 times lesser. Sadly it is not a very attractive website, but make no mistake it is not the worst looking online dating site either.

Like Po F, Ok Cupid also caters to people who are interested in casual dating (or hookups), people who want to meet new people and make new friends.

They too also have singles who wish to find a committed long-term partner.

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