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You can contact us online or by calling one of our locations throughout the Midwest in cities such as St.Louis, Kansas City, Columbia, Springfield, Wichita, Tulsa and beyond.Moreover, they recognize the have little or no control over the process.To children in divorce, the only family they have ever known is disintegrating.

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Parents who manipulate parenting time in this manner demonstrate for their children first hand the potential dysfunction of a married relationship.

Unfortunately, divorcing parents are usually in the midst of such emotional turmoil themselves; they have lost much of their ability to be what their children need. Parents need to recognize just how much the divorce has undercut their ability to provide emotional support for their children, and then find the strength to separate themselves from what is happening and be what their children need.

Worse, they may put their children into the middle of the divorce, treating them as just another card to be played in the battle with their spouse. This means parents will need to talk to their children and provide them the love and attention they require.

Their primary source of safety and protection is slipping away.

In divorce, probably more than at any other time, children need parents who can comfort and reassure them, who can let them know they are loved, and who will emphasize that both parents will be there for them.

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