Dating during college

I believe that people SHOULD date in high school and college to learn to understand others and develop relationships.Is dating at a young age a "hindrance" to the individual and their development? All those questions about fairness the relationship initially raised will remain, only the student may now be at a disadvantage, with his or her ex having power over grades and reputation with other faculty members.I go to a really small high school of about 360 students Freshman-Senior.When you start college, you have some type of goal in mind.You want to become an engineer, an accountant, a writer, etc.Whatever the light at the end of your college tunnel may be, that goal is yours. During these four years, your goals are always changing, and different experiences can have different influences on such goals.Some of those changes can be influenced by your college partner.

I want to make those who have had a similar experience to mine realize it’s okay the relationship ended.Additionally, other students may perceive a student dating a professor as having an unfair advantage.If you're dating a professor whose classes you take, students may think you're getting special treatment or grades you haven't earned, no matter if you actually are.And I'm not talking about that puppy-dog, hang out the mall and eat Wetzel’s Pretzels together high school love.I mean someone you could picture a life with after college graduation.

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