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But that didn’t make her give up as she got into acting and became a big name in Hollywood.Read on to know more about this woman blessed with great height.Winter’s most successful role is Alex Dunphy in Modern Family series, where she’s starring together with other hot actresses.Some of her bikini scenes made her fans wonder what is her bra size and dress size.She started her career in acting by debuting in the TV series “Jake and the Fatman”, then appeared as Ann in the series “Coach”.After a series of role plays, she landed her first major role in 1989 in the drama “Life Goes on”, in the part of Paige Thatcher, then played the strong feminine character of Lt.When you wear a low-cut top and everyone can see the gap between your boob and bra because you can’t fill out the cup.

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Tracy Needham’s interests include playing cards and horse riding, to name just two.

Tracey Needham married actor Tommy Hinkley in 1995 on the 1st of January, having dated for several years. She is apparently still enjoying a splendid and happy life with her husband, and they are showing no sign of divorce, unlike many in the entertainment profession.

She has a great height of 5ft 10ins (1.8m) and a perfectly maintained her figure.

Being the only girl in a family of four children, Tracey found out that her height gave her an upper hand whenever she would play football with her brothers.

She was always an advocate of gender equality, and she would jump into football and tell the boys not to take it easy with her because she was a female.

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