Dating azerbaijan men

Those who went to Russian schools were able to use Azeri in daily encounters but had difficulty expressing themselves in other areas.

Russian functioned as the lingua franca of different ethnic groups, and with the exception of rural populations such as the Talysh, others spoke very little Azeri.

The flag of the earlier republic was adopted as the flag of the new republic.To the north it borders the Russian Federation, in the northwest Georgia, in the west Armenia, and in the south Iran. Eight large rivers flow down from the Caucasus ranges into the Kura-Araz lowland.The climate is dry and semiarid in the steppes in the middle and eastern parts, subtropical in the southeast, cold in the high mountains in the north, and temperate on the Caspian coast.Other groups with a long history of settlement in Azerbaijan include the Persian-speaking Talysh and the Georgian-speaking Udins. Azeri (also referred to as Azeri Turkish) or Azerbaijani is a Turkic language in the Altaic family; it belongs to the southwestern Oguz group, together with Anatolian Turkish, Turkmen, and Gagauz.Peoples of Daghestan such as the Lezghis and Avars make up 3.2 percent of the population, with most of them living in the north. Speakers of these languages can understand each other to varying degrees, depending on the complexity of the sentences and the number of loan words from other languages.

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